Sunday, April 11, 2010

The incredible rumors of the Verizon Incredible

With my recent foray into the world of twitter and blogging, I've found myself thinking, "Gee, wouldn't it be nice if I could do this stuff easily from my phone?"

Well, yes it would!

After all, wouldn't it be better for me to spend my time on my computer actually writing fabulous prose-- and editing those prose once I realize how unfabulous they actually are?

Yes it would!

These thoughts combined with the fact my contract with Verizon is ready for renewal, have me seriously researching my Verizon smart phone options. Enter my husband, the scientist whose technological interests extend far beyond my own, and I learn what I really want is a phone with an Android operating system version 2.0 or higher. So, it would seem I have only one choice, right? The Verizon Droid.


When I went to the Verizon store I liked the little Eris that was sitting right next to the Droid. It was cute and little, but, oh darn it ran the wrong version of Android. Then, the Verizon employee helping me mentioned the Eris would very soon get an upgrade to Android 2.1. Nifty! But, I wasn't going to buy the phone until it already had the update.

So, I went home and started checking online from time to time to see if the Eris had gotten its update. As of this moment, it has not... at least as far as I can tell. So I should get the Droid, right?


As I searched the internet for word of the Eris update, I caught wind of a nifty new phone, the Incredible. The Incredible sounds, well, incredible, if you believe everything you read. But, can I believe what I read? Well, let's start with when the Incredible will be available. In mid March rumor had it the Incredible would be available in two weeks.

Two weeks passed, nothing.

Then, it was certain the Incredible would be available on April 29th.

Then April 25th.

Then April 12th.

Then May 13th.

Then April 19th.

Need I go on?

Then there are the rumors insisting the Incredible is in fact an entirely different phone, Google's Nexus 1, and the rumors the Incredible doesn't exist at all!

Who knows what to believe? I certainly do not.

For now I'm waiting a bit longer before committing myself to any phone. And, I'm learning there are entirely too many rumors circulating the internet.

So. . . I'll add to them.

Here's my new rumor . . . from my super secret sources who are too secret to name. . . the Verizon Incredible went on sale on January 2nd of this year, but the amazing phone is in fact invisible, and thus, no one knows it's already here! So, if you see me talking to myself as I write, I'm not crazy, I'm just talking on my brand new invisible phone. Pretty incredible, isn't it?


  1. MOST interesting! I want to upgrade my phone and was thinking of the Blackberry Storm - until you gave me these wonderful bits of info. Now must rethink my selection. AT&T is now offering their orginal 6G iPhone for $99 - and they offer a seniors discount of $10 a month off the basic phone rate. Verizon does as well. But when I do finally set up a blog, can I update it from the iPhone? Hmmmmm

  2. Good question! I know next to nothing about the iPhone except that it may or may not eventually come to Verizon. So, not much.