Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Let me just say, that was SO cool! Carol L. Wright and I just left New York after attending the Next Generation Indie Book Awards cocktail reception, a medal around my neck, and a smile upon my face.

Where do I start? Okay, the Plaza is really nice. I mean it was doorman-opening-your-cab-door, car-sized-chandeliers, bathroom-stalls-the-size-of-dorm-rooms kind of nice.

Then, there was the fact that the party was full of really happy authors, publishers, and agents. How cool is that? It was great fun to talk to publishers about the changing face of the publishing industry, discuss projects with agents, and meet all the interesting, award-winning authors.

Talking to the non-fiction writers was an education. I learned, for example, about quince. Have you heard of quince? Apparently it's a fruit that must be cooked to make it edible. How about that? One of the winning books was a cookbook devoted to all the ways you can prepare quince. Apparently such a cookbook is unprecedented in the world of cook bookery. Personally, I think quince are the next pomegranate. You heard it here first, folks.

Oh yeah, and did I mention there were medals? As if the fine surroundings and interesting people weren't enough, there was an award ceremony! As soon as we walked in, we got our name tags, complete with Next Generation Indie Book Awards pins, and "winner" stickers. Carol L. Wright and I were then greeted by handsome men offering champagne... pretty cool if you ask me. Then, we spotted the medals and drew near like moths to their glow. I was about to take out my camera and take a picture when three women came over to greet us. One of the women, Tag Goulet, introduced herself as one of the contest judges and told us how much she liked our book!

By that time, more people were streaming in, and I noticed a shocking lack of cameras. Well, I didn't want to seem like a tourist, so I only snapped one quick picture or two of the pile of medals before stashing the camera.

When everyone had arrived, and had a shot at the Champagne and food, Catherine Goulet, who founded the Indie Book Awards three years ago, welcomed us all and started the ceremony. Marilyn Allen, a literary agent, talked about the Indie Book Awards, telling us that she had always wanted to be a part of a really good book award program. She described the award as one that honors writers by critically examining their work and awarding the best of the best.

Really? Cool!

Perhaps the most amazing part of the evening was when Catherine Goulet, told us that she had heard from the award judges that this year's submissions were the best ever.

The best ever? Wow!

Then they gave us our medals.

How can the week get any better?

Oh right, tomorrow we go to BookExpo!


  1. Yes, yes, yes! It was all GREAT! Who would have thought two years ago that our collection of Christmas stories would end up winning TWO Indie Book Awards! I am still amazed! It was such an honor to be able to go to the ceremony and to represent the Bethlehem Writers Group with you, Emily.

  2. No one was more deserving than you and Carol for this award. Your hard work kept us rolling forward, and together the two of you brought the BWG to the Plaza in NYC. And by the look of the medals around your necks, and the smiles on your faces, it all paid off.

    Congratulations Carol and Emily!

  3. It certainly did, Sal... and congratulations to you as well, my award-winning author friend!