Friday, August 6, 2010

Bunnies, bunnies everywhere!

Have you noticed an abundance of bunnies this year? Usually our yard has an occasional bunny hopping around, but this year we have had far more.

It started with our regular single bunny, but then one day I looked outside and noticed he had a friend with him... well, as you can imagine we now have lots of little bunnies running around.

I thought this was something unique to our back yard, but then, on a recent trip to Cape Cod, I noticed an abundance of bunnies there, too. I can't tell you how much I prefer them to the Cape's usual abundance of skunks, but still, it made me wonder.

Then, back in PA, a doe started bringing her twin fawns through our yard. It started when they were very little, the size of shelties, and one fawn in particular captured my heart as he zoomed in circles around his mom and sibling.

The doe started bringing them by every day, and we enjoyed watching them grow.

Then, a couple of days ago, we noticed a third fawn following the doe and twins. I figured it was lost or orphaned, and was joining our little deer family in an effort to survive.

Tuesday night, however, after the BWG meeting, I saw one of our darling fawns was not fast enough crossing the street behind our house. All I could hope was that the poor thing didn't suffer, and that it wasn't our favorite little zoomer.

Wednesday, I was relieved when the doe returned with her two fawns, so I told myself that the zoomer must be alive and well... after all, the twins would stick closest to their mommy, right? And she clearly made it across the street.

Well, Thursday they were back, except that instead of two fawns there were four! I'm guessing that the two fawns I was watching grow up were actually several fawns, because, let's be honest, I can't really tell them apart.

But this means that we definitely have had at least five fawns in our yard, when ordinarily we have one, and at least that many bunnies. So, I wonder, what is going on?

And, as adorable as it is to watch Bambi and Thumper play together in the back yard, I sure hope Flower stays at home.


  1. You can kiss your garden goodbye! - but oh, what a lovely way to go!

  2. How sweet it is! Love the bunnies and deer, so often they are together at my feeders. It is a gentle time when they all come together to dine! Thank you for taking good care of them.

  3. How sweet they all look together as they dine! We've had many a Bambi this year, and a few Thumpers as well. No Flower here yet this summer, or at least no sign (phew!) of one.

    Thanks for giving them love along with their food!